A Confraria get together.


To be part of the Periquita Confraria is an honour, as I told you some days ago. The event is always exciting and it is an amazing get together with people from all over the world who have a love in common: José Maria de Fonseca and their wines.   Below ,through photos,  I recount  how a meeting of  fellow “confrades” happens in one of the most traditional “confrarias ” in the world.

A reception takes place at the headquarters, Vila Nogueira de Azeitão , every May 31st.

Fellow "Confrades" from the whole world exchange ideas, experiences and information.

I was the only representative from Brazil. We missed Carlos Cabral and his lovely wife a lot...

All the "confrades" , dressed in traditional aparel, walk to the cerimony.

This group can't wear their typical clothing, as they will still be presented as new members. Only after that can they wear their cloak and hat.

We tasted the Periquita 2010: full of fruit, intense, with hints of raspberry and fruit. On palate it is rich, firm, still young, with tight tannis and freshness.

My fellow Carla and I tasting the wine .

Dinner menu, all the places set and marked , very organized and incredible.

Almost 120 fellow " confrades " are served simultaneously , in the cellars of José Maria da Fonseca

In the end , we all sign the presence book and are saluted as brothers by the hosts.Until next year!


Uma resposta to “A Confraria get together.”

  1. jmfonsecaosé Maria da Fonseca Says:

    Obrigada Alexandra pelo fantástico relato! Até breve.

    A José Maria da Fonseca
    (Confraria do Periquita)

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